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DEFINITION:  GAP (Guaranteed Asset Protection) is the difference between the Actual Cash Value of your vehicle and the amount of the loan at the time it was stolen or totaled in an accident.

PRODUCT:  Our Gap provider offers the strongest Gap policies in the country to both Franchise and Independent Dealers because…

- NO Financing limits with No MSRP, NADA, or ACV restrictions
- Vehicle values up to $100,000
- Claim settlements up to $50,000
- Maximum Loan APR of 29%.  Maximum Term 84 months.
- Includes $1000 Insurance Deductible Reimbursement Coverage
- Accepted by most lenders nationwide
- Simple 24/7 online gap policy submission and plain paper document printing

ADDITIONALLY, other important benefits include..... 

Our Gap is underwritten by a "A" Rated Insurer with True Dollar One Coverage!
Includes all Peril 2 claims and/or losses.
Past Due Payment coverage is included free of charge.
Same pricing for lender, leasing, and BHPH dealer financing!

These added consumer and dealer protections are Free... thus setting us apart from our competitors!


PRICING & DISCOUNTS:  Our pricing is identical for both Franchise and Independent dealers.  We provide Superior Coverage for less than our competition!  Check out our pricing PDF below...


OwnerGUARD Gap - $99.00

OwnerGuard GAP Pricing

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